The Avakin Quiz Game is a feature that was added in April 2018. It was first added to Starstyle Bar in the "Quiz Night" update. In the Quiz game, your Avakin interacts with a Quiz machine to start the Quiz. You can also observe others taking the Quiz, but while observing you cannot answer the questions, although you can chat with the player taking the Quiz. However, if you are observing and the other player exits the Quiz, you must answer the Quiz questions. The quiz questions are typically questions about fashion, celebrities, TV, and movies. The Quiz game costs 1 Avacoin (nonrefundable) to play. Answering at least 3 out of 10 parts of the Quiz will give you the option to collect Avacoins and leave the quiz, or continue for a higher jackpot. If you answer one question incorrectly at any time during the Quiz, you lose any Avacoin bonus and must immediately exit the Quiz.


While playing the 10-part Quiz, you can use each of the following options only once per quiz to narrow down the answers: Reveal Answer, 50/50, and Switch Question.

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